my new favorite photo

From Montahno's 2nd Birthday Party. Yes, that's a doggy birthday cake. And, yes, that's a silver platter. Posted by Picasa


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fresh air frustration

i lurv NPR's Fresh Air. it keeps me entertained during my long commutes home. but why, people, why must Terry Gross pronounce the word history as "heeeeeeestory"? I don't understand. I don't like things I don't understand.



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Xmas Dinner or Clark Family Rave?

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my brother likes to take fake dirty pix with my camera

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Jo & Jake

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Momma made us dance for the Xmas Eve guests

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66th Anniversary

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I am ze frenchie. LOVE IT!

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Santa of the Damned

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Counting the minutes...

until I am able to watch this video. I'm currently in an all-day conference and can't get away taking a bath in the ignorance that is someone who thinks that human bodyparts grow back. It's got to be better than listening to "Top Ten Reasons Why You Might Be Multi-Tasking Too Much".


no longer drrrrrrty

i just took a look at my blog stats for the last 100 hits and i've made quite the turnaround on the number of blog views based on pornographic search strings.


number of hits from searching for "chick with dicks": 2
number of hits from searching for "catahula hound": 9

who's a worse audience: pervs or dog aficionados?


the boo boo looks aloof

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the front yard of the family home Posted by Picasa

i'll fly away

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for scale

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mmmmm, cellophane covered boar. Posted by Picasa

spoiled already

the 1.5 weeks of smoking ban in seattle has already spoiled me on nights out in other cities. i went out to my fave B'ham drinking hole, Garage, tonight with Miss Caffrin only to come home smelling of Hoegardden and narsty cigarette smoke smoked by 50-yea-old- bubbas who hang out in the back corner of Garage (the better for general people watching, young Altamont boy eye-lusting and general "How's your momma?" conversation avoidance).

pics of bama xmas madness to come when i can find the camera. can someone entertain me as 1 week here has left me bored? i can only absorb so mch Fox News coverage without becoming insane? i actually agreed with something Hannity said today which must mean i've been brainwashed. HELP ME.


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